Happy 101st, Jack Kirby!


I've been lucky enough to color a lot of Kirby art over the years, much of it for the 100th birthday tribute last year. every piece has to be approached differently, because Kirby's style was always changing, and his inkers all interpreted him differently. Here's a smattering!

From line art to color

Several times while my kids were growing up, parents of their friends asked me how my "therapy" was going. Considering myself terminally sane (which is most probably an indication of the opposite), I wondered what they meant. The fog finally cleared when one parent mentioned my "coloring therapy." Apparently, their kids told them that their friend's dad stayed home all day and colored pictures, conjuring in everyone's minds visions of soft walls, clothing sans shoelaces and belts,and broken crayons on the floor.

Trying to explain my job, even to comics fans at conventions, has always been tricky. Saying that I color pictures all day sounds a bit... um.."less than," So I put together a little gallery here to show what the line art looks like as it hits my computer compared with the final color versions. 

(Just to justify my existence)

Grab the line in the middle and swipe back and forth to see the comparison on each image. 

NYCC is here!

Come on by, support your favorite artists, and - bonus - this pavilion is FAR more spacious and less congested than the main floor.

I'll also be doing panels for the always-innovative-but-still-gentlemanly Buddy Scalera and his Comic Book School, as well as signing at the Marvel booth. Here's the schedule:

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Squirrel Girl

Didn't think this was being revealed until this weekend at NYCC, but Entertainment Weekly had it up earlier this week. What's better than coloring the amazing Art Adams? Coloring Art Adams drawing Squirrel Girl post-carnage!

I'll have another great Art Adams piece that I SHOULD be able to show you all as the con goes on this weekend!